Pre-order Deposit: $200.00

Product Specification:-

Scale: 1/6 Scale
Estimated Dimension: H45CM*W41CM*D54.5CM
Materials: Polystone, PU, PVC etc
Edition Size: 180pcs
Estimated Arrival: Q1 2024
Interchangeable parts:

  • Two (2) interchangeable head with different expression
  • Two (2) weapons (Demon-Slayer Sword & Demon-Slasher Katana)

About the Statue

“Even with no magical power, I’ll become the Magic Emperor.” – Asta

CAW Collectibles is proud to bring you our very first release from Black Clover, Asta in 1/6th scale premium statue!

The statue is inspired by the scene of Asta & Yami vs Dante. Our designers have painstakingly designed and sculpted this piece to be the ultimate Asta statue in the market! With the scene in mind, we wanted the statue to feel lively and have a certain action dynamic going on and we are proud of what came from this idea! The base is designed to represent Dante's giant hand chasing Asta & Yami in this epic battle. By contracting with a demon, Asta is equipped with a demon arm in exchange for his right hand to gain more power! Asta comes with 2 switch-out weapons, the Demon-Slayer Sword and Yami's Katana/Demon-Slasher Katana which is coated with Anti Magic. The statue even comes with 2 changeable heads with different expressions to fit the mood differently!


About Asta

Asta is an orphan who was raised in a church in Hage Village. From a young age, Asta trained his body to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the Magic Emperor. In the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, Asta failed to get a Grimoire while his rival Yuno was given an extremely rare Four Leaf Clover Grimoire. This led to Yuno being attacked by a former magic knight whose intention was to steal the Four Leaf Clover Grimoire. During these altercations, Asta tried to save Yuno but without a Grimoire, he was powerless against the former magic knight. As Asta was about to give up, his rival Yuno reminded him of his goals and from there, Asta received his Five Leaf Clover Grimoire with an Anti-Magic demon inside. During the Magic Knight selection exam, Asta successfully joined the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights. As the rivalry continued between Asta and Yuno, they both competed to complete all of the Magic Knight squad missions in order to become the Magic Emperor.


Design team:
Concept Art: Lipwei Chang
Sculptor: Hiroki Akimoto
Master Painter: Titinun Painter
Art Direction: Creation At Works team


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