Pre-order Deposit: $150.00

We are excited to announce our first statue under Creation At Works Collectibles. Gadget cat, Doraemon from the future is our first statue from the Doraemon licensed series. 

About the Statue
It is our goal to bring fun into collecting by providing collectors with as many display options as possible. To achieve this, the Doraemon statue will include the following contents. 
1. Two complete Doraemon bodies (One with smiling portrait and one with shocked/frightened portrait) 
2. Two bases (One big Nobita’s room base. One plain circular base. Collectors will be able to display both bodies at the same time using both bases) 
3. Accessories: 
- Giant Dorayaki
- Big light
- Mi-Chan
- Mouse
- Nobita’s table
- Chair 
- Bin
Doraemon himself can be rotated 360 degrees around the free-form peg while most accessories are also peg-free which means endless display options. 
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Product Specifications: 
Scale: 1/6th 
Materials:  Polystone, Vinyl, etc
Estimated Dimension:  W56cm * D48cm * H250cm (may change slightly pending licensor approval)
Shipping estimates:  Q2 2022 
Edition Size: 30pcs (Website Exclusive Version), 170pcs (Regular Version)
Licensed territories: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore