Godzilla (2014) Heat Ray Version

Pre-order Deposit: $200.00
"The top of the primordial ecosystem. A God, for all intents and purposes."
- Vivienne Graham
Spiral Studio proudly presents the newest release from Titans of the Monsterverse Series with an ancient alpha predator rising from the depths, TOTM-GZ009: Godzilla (2014) - Heat Ray Ver.
Featuring all the accurate anatomy, crisp details, and imposing stance, our Godzilla (2014) stands at 44 cm. tall. Utilizing multiple layers of metallic and clear paints, we have imitated the charging effect on Godzilla's dorsal fins right before he bursts out his atomic ray at Female MUTO.
And as a celebration to the upcoming Monsterverse TV series, let us usher in the age of monsters with this Godzilla where it all began!
・3D Sculpt by Vlad Konstantinov
・Dimensions - H: 44.5 cm / W: 50.5 cm / L: 43.6 cm
・Materials: PVC
・Edition Size: TBD
・Est. Arrival: Q2, 2024

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