Jurassic World: Giganotosaurus

Pre-order Deposit: $320.00
Dimensions: H57 x L116 x W72cm 
Scale: 1:10scale 
Materials: Polystone And PVC
Release Date: Q3 2023
Spiral Studio proudly presents its first release of the newly-introduced "The Majestic Creatures" with one of the most dangerous predator in the world, Giganotosaurus from Jurassic World: Dominion.
As our goal is to offer the most definitive version of each character that we do, our artists has put all their effort to make sure that every details is as accurate to the film
as it can possibly be. With the reference from the official asset, we stay true to the source material whether it be the micro-details on the tiniest scales, the subtle hue of
blue over grayish-green stripes throughout the body, including different spots of scars and wounds that emphasize the ferociousness of this massive Theropod.
TMC-JWG001: Giganotosaurus comes with a museum-style base with Jurassic World: Dominion logo embedded to the surface to give away the simplistic, yet luxurious look. And with a towering height at 57 crepipaur Giganotosaurus Will easily become the centerpiece of any dinosaur collection to date.