King Ghidorah Statue - Standard Edition

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"The devil has three heads"


King Ghidorah, known to Monarch as 'Monster Zero', is an alien life form with unknown origin. Yet ancient civilization whispered an unspoken name of this evil incarnation through millenia of fear and terror, passing only a myth of the great dragon who fell from the star. Everywhere the three-headed devil travels, he brings an otherworldly thunderstorm, causing a hellish sight of destruction in his path; truly the avatar of horror deserved the title of 'Living Extinction Event', a false king to all titans.


Spiral Studio proudly presents the first character of the series VS-KGS001: King Ghidorah Standard Edition from Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


King Ghidorah is sculpted and painted with an aim to stay true to the details depicted in the actual film. Standing at almost 35 inches tall, this King Ghidorah Statue is the ultimate piece of art for all Kaiju fans! 


  • King Ghidorah Statue
  • Supporting Plates
  • King Ghidorah Exclusive Art Print


Est. Arrival: Q 4, 2020

Edition Size: 250 Pieces Worldwide