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Product Specification:-

Scale: 1/6 Scale
Estimated Dimension: H62CM*W85CM*D70CM
Materials: Polystone, PU, PVC, Diecast etc
Edition Size: 130pcs
Estimated Arrival: Q3 2024

About the Statue

“Surpass your limits. Right here. Right now.” – Yami

CAW Collectibles is proud to bring you our second release from Black Clover, Yami Sukehiro in 1/6th scale premium statue! 

The statue is inspired by the iconic scene of Yami and Asta's battle against Dante. Our talented designers have meticulously crafted this piece to be the ultimate diorama fighting statue capturing the intense confrontation between Yami and Dante. Drawing inspiration from the scene, our aim was to depict Yami surpassing his limits, just as he famously said, "Surpass your limits, right here, right now." The statue showcases Yami unleashing his devastating Death Thrust technique within his Magic area, Black Moon. With his katana held high, Yami harnesses the immense power of the spell, condensing it into a concentrated blast aimed at Dante, capable of obliterating his opponent's body. This statue beautifully captures the dynamic effect of Yami's Death Thrust directed towards Dante, making it a must-have collectible for fans of this epic fight.


About Yami

Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bulls, is known for his physical strength, intimidating presence, and a no-nonsense attitude towards those who annoy him. During the Magic Knight selection exam, Yami is the only captain who is willing to recruit Asta, despite the fact that Asta doesn't possess any magic. Despite his aggressive demeanor, Yami serves as a mentor to the Black Bulls, constantly pushing his squad members, particularly Asta, to exceed their limits. Yami is originally a member of the Yami Clan, assassins loyal to the Ryudo Clan in the Land of the Sun. Following the tragic incident involving his sister, Ichika, who indiscriminately slaughtered everyone, Yami takes responsibility for her actions and flees his homeland by boat. However, fate intervenes, and he becomes shipwrecked in the Clover Kingdom, where he starts a new chapter of his life.


Design team:
Concept Art: Passakorn Piriyabanjurd
Sculptor: Hiroki Akimoto
Master Painter: Titinun Painter
Art Direction: Creation At Works team


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